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Mission Statement

One person at a time, the DC Dream Center inspires youth and adults to dare to dream, equipping them to reach their God-given potential.

Rob & CJ

Mentor for 3 years

I’ve tried to be a source of stability for my mentee CJ. It’s been a joy because in a lot of ways, he’s responded really positively to structure when I set goals for him, he wants to invest in himself, and the evidence are in his improved grades and relationships with his teachers.


Mentee for 2 years

I appreciate Amanda because she helps me to be a better person and she encourages me in whatever I want to do.


Mentor for 2 years


Mentor for 7 years


Mentor for 2 years

Supporting Dreams

The development of the DC Dream Center was made possible through generous donations from individuals, companies, churches and community partners. There are numerous ways to contribute to the DC Dream Center. There are many volunteer opportunities to help facilitate the various activities at the DC Dream Center ranging from tutoring and meal preparation to becoming a mentor to a local student. All supporters of the DC Dream Center empower lives, enrich the city and work together toward a common goal: inspiring the next generation to reach their full potential.

What's Happening

From regular programs like fellowship breakfasts to special events like summer camps, DC|DC is home to many events and programs. They’re open to our community, whether you’d like to participate or volunteer to help make these events possible.

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Finding a Mentor
Leading or Teaching a Class
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